Liqua 50ml Shortfill - Citrus Cream

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Liqua 50ml Shortfill - Citrus Cream

Wake your taste buds up with our delightful tangy mix where citrus grapefruits and lemons are blended with cream, raspberries and apricots. Tastes like summer, right?

0mg Nicotine

75VG 25PG

Comes with 1 free nic shot and that will bring the liquid up to 3mg if you need more just click here

Open the bottle
Press the cap down & unscrew completely. Place the cap on the spout & remove under 45° angle.

Add the nic shot
Range of desired strengths are marked on the bottle. Pour nic shot to the level of your preferred strength.

Shake for 1 minute
Wait for 5 minutes before using. For the best results wait 24 hours before use. Enjoy the experience!