Witchcraft 10ml E-Liquid - Mint - Menthol

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Witchcraft 10ml E-Liquid - Mint - Menthol

Sweet mixture of spearmint and peppermint

At The Vape Life we have tried lot of mints flavour and this ones comes out very different. Witchdoctors have made sure the menthol taste is brought down leaving you with a mint flavour that is still refreshing, but can be vaped easily even by people who don’t normally prefer menthol type liquids. Perfect as an all-day vape, as an after dinner treat or to mix with other flavours, but beware, it’s really addictive.

Nicotine Levels:

  • Zero - 0mg
  • Low - 3mg
  • Light - 6mg
  • Medium - 12mg
  • High - 18mg


  • 60% VG 40% PG