Dry Herb Cloupor Cloutank M4

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Dry Herb Cloupor Cloutank M4

The Cloupor Cloutank Atomizer is made of premium machined stainless steel and Pyrex glass tube. It is made for easier cleanup. To pack and stir the contents when you're using the device just push the mouthpiece down. When finished, push down the mouthpiece again and reload. 

• Size - 80mm x 18mm 
• Compatibility - eGo/510 thread (dry herb) 
• Resistance - 1.2-1.3ohm 
• Storage - Normal Temp.
• Working Conditions - -40c - 60c 

Package Contents: 
• 1x Dry Herb Cloupor Cloutank M4
• 2x Replaceable head 
• 1x Decorative ring 
• 1x User manual 
• 1x Packing box 

Cloutank M4 VS Cloutank M3
1. Bigger capacity than M3
2. Double filter to get purer vape
3. Airflow control system

Main Advantages: 
• Detach burnerer: the chamber and the coil are detachable to avoid damage while cleaning 
• M4 chamber: the patented design of the M4 chamber allows you to "re-mix" your dry herb inside the chamber without opening the chamber,which in turn allows you reach all of the herb inside. 
• Self-cleaning: the M4 chamber's, one push button allows you to clean the chamber easily without the use of a tool. 

Best Practices on Usage: 
Step 1
Unscrew the bottom of the clearomizer.Fill the appropriate amount of herb into the clearomizer chamber 
Step 2 
Screw down the bottom and connect your ego/510 thread battery 
Step 3
Recommended usage is to hold down your battery's button for about 3 seconds before inhaling slowly 

Please Note
1. For best results, do not overload the chamber with too much herb. Placing too much herb into che chamber will decrease the airflow,resulting with less vape. 
2. Also remember to clean the chamber on a regular basis