ELEMENT DRIPPER E-Liquid - Pink Lemonade

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ELEMENT DRIPPER E-Liquid - Pink Lemonade

Pucker up and prepare to relish a hot summer day in Ireland with just right amount of red fruit. A slight tang on the tongue gives way to a smooth citrus exhale.

There are plenty of Pink lemonade we have tried here at The Vape Life but only a few that you can actually remember and this comes in the top for advanced mod type and it's must try!

Premium Dripper Series e-liquids are specially formulated with a higher concentration of VG and less nicotine to produce the purest, densest clouds possible! Available in five of our most popular flavors, these are ideal for use with mechanical mods and drippers. 

Element Vapors' E-Liquids are made in the Florida in the USA to the highest standards. Using USP grade naturally extracted organic nicotine and flavors.

Element Vapors pre-steep all of their E-Liquids to ensure the very best flavour right away.
Element Dripper Series Pink Lemonade is available in 3mg and is an 80% VG Cloud Juice.
Served to you in 10ml bottles

# Lemonade
# Red Citrus Fruits

Blend : 80/20 VG/PG High VG
Content : 10ml
Nicotine level : 3mg | 6mg
Made in America