Element Dripper E-Liquid - Watermelon Chill

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Element Dripper E-Liquid - Watermelon Chill

A light, sweet, premium dripper e-liquid that’s stacked with juicy watermelon flavours.

  • Formulated for dripper set-ups
  • Gorgeous watermelon flavours
  • 80 / 20 VG / PG e-liquid blend

made-in-usa-iconMade in the USA.

As the title says, this eJuice is manufactured to the highest American standards. Which does make a refreshing change to the usual Chinese imports.

organic-nicotine-iconOrganic nicotine.

The nicotine suspended in this eJuice comes from organically grown American tobacco leaves. This again is a positive alternative to lab made nicotine.

Pre-steepedPre-steeped e-liquid.

Element premium e-liquids are pre-steeped, so you can vape on them as soon as they arrive in the post. No more waiting.

Chill out with this juicy, refreshing watermelon chill e-liquid from Element Dripper. There are plenty of watermelon e-liquids out there. God knows, how many but some that are really worth remembering.

Firstly there's Liqua really light, sweet, juicy vape and Aramax Max Watermelon, as it says on the package is watermelon to max with real close taste Watermelon and then there’s this vibrant 10ml Watermelon Chill E-Liquid from the Element dripper series. Element watermelon chill e-liquid comes in 3mg or 6mg nicotine levels and is heavy on the VG at an 80 / 20 blend to give you those dense, flavour packed clouds.

All the Element dripper series use only the highest quality ingredients for a smooth, clean, vape that’s bursting with flavours