A Brief Insight into our Best-Selling Aspire Clearomizers

Are you in the market for a new clearomizer for your Aspire vape? Perhaps your current clearomizer is broken, cracked or chipped and you are looking for the correct replacement so that you can get back to enjoying your Aspire vape again? It is important to purchase the right clearomizer for your vape to ensure the best vaping experience possible, and here at The Vape Life we stock a wide range of Aspire clearomizers to meet all of your vaping needs. 

We want to share with you our range of best-selling Aspire clearomizers, so you can choose the right one for your Aspire vape. We are a Dublin-based vape shop, stocking a wide range of leading vape brands including Voopoo, Liqua, Aspire, Nasty Juice, IVG and Vaporesso. We stock everything that you could need to enjoy the best vaping experience; from starter kits, to e-liquids, to nic shots, to ePens and clearomizers. 

Aspire CE5 Clearomizer 

The Aspire CE5 Clearomizer features dual heating elements to provide twice the vapour whilst also taking advantage of a bottom feed design so that the coils are always being fed just enough juice. The tank has a capacity of approximately 1.8ml of e-liquid, and comes pre-loaded with a dual coil head - so you can use any 510 drip tip with this device. 

Aspire K2 Clearomizer 

The Aspire K2 Clearomizer is a robust atomiser tank, with a 1.8ml capacity that is designed for absolutely premium vaping. It is made from stainless steel and features a Pyrex glass tank - and takes Aspire BVC coils with a resistance of 1.6 ohms and has a 510 connection, making it extremely versatile when it comes to compatibility. 

Aspire K3 Clearomizer 

The Aspire K3 Clearomizer uses the Aspire BVC technology. This new technology is designed to last longer, whilst still giving users the purest and cleanest taste from eLiquids. Its stainless steel drip tip and pyrex glass give the K1 a strong metallic impression, making it look very exquisite and high-end. Its unique design also makes it easy to carry, install and refill. 

Aspire K1 Clearomizer

The Aspire K1 Clearomizer is also a part of Aspire's new generation range, offering you the latest Aspire BVC technology. BVC technology is designed to last longer, whilst giving you the purest and cleanest taste from your eLiquid of choice. This clearomizer also has a stainless steel drip tip and pyrex glass, giving the K1 a beautiful metallic impression and luxurious look. 

Aspire ET-S Clearomizer 

The Aspire ET-S Clearomizer holds 2ml of eLiquid, and produces tons of vapour as well as fantastic flavours. It has an exterior metal sleeve surrounding the tank, making it more stable and reliable. This clearomizer also has two small windows, allowing you to see how much liquid is left in the tank at all times. 

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We offer free delivery to all of Ireland for orders over €30, so that you can get your favourite Aspire goodies for no extra charge. So get shopping with us today. If you need any help or support with choosing the right clearomizer for your Aspire vape then please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Have a question for our team regarding our Aspire clearomizers, or any of the other Aspire products that we stock? Contact our team today. We are always happy to help, and answer any questions that you may have. You can reach our team by giving us a call on 01 437 0320, or by sending us an email to info@jointhevapelife.ie

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