E-Liquid is the fluid that fuels the Electronic Cigarettes. It is what provides the flavour in the vape whether it's your traditional tobacco, menthol or fruity flavours. It also provides nicotine solution and it creates the vapor just like a smoke when you exhale and delivers nicotine to your brain. Many studies have shown that nicotine isn't  dangerous for your health, it's an addictive substance just like caffeine in our regular coffee!

You can find many E-Liquids with so many different flavours here at The Vape Life, we have tried to pick some of the best brands in the world for our customers so look no further we have brands like, Nasty Juice, Tootin, Daily, Pure Mist, LiQua, Hale Vaping, Wick Liquor, Dinner Lady, Elements, Aramax, Halcyon Haze and many more being added!