Choosing The Best Vape Juice Flavour For Your Taste Palate

Some people will say that one of the best things about swapping from tobacco cigarettes to vape devices is the fact that you have such a huge range of different vape juices to choose from. The market is incredibly vast these days and there really is the perfect flavour for everyone, no matter what your personal preferences may be, and you will never struggle to find an eliquid flavour that you get on with. 

Of course, the vape juice flavours that you enjoy will be directly influenced by your taste palate and no two people are exactly alike in this regard, so you won’t necessarily enjoy your friends’ favourite flavours that they’ve recommended you try. If you’re getting bored of using the same vape juice or you’re new to vaping and you’re wondering which flavour to start with, below we have put together some of the best options for each type of taste palate. 

You have a sweet tooth 

If you would always pick a biscuit or a slice of cake over a packet of crisps, then it is likely that you’re frequently told you have a sweet tooth. When it comes to vape juice flavours there is a vast range that are all designed with those who enjoy sweet treats in mind. 

From dessert flavoured eliquid like cheesecake and ice cream to sweetie flavoured vape juice like bubblegum and cotton candy, there is such an incredible variety of sweet flavours to choose from. Many are pleased to know that you can even get chocolate flavoured vape juice too and if you’re a chocoholic, you will be spoilt for choice. 

You enjoy a fruity flavour

When you frequently choose fruity drinks or fruity sweets and you enjoy the sweet but sourness of berries, you will likely enjoy a fruity flavoured vape juice. These flavours are a classic choice and it is fair to say that they are probably the most commonly sought-after type of vape juice. 

Due to their popularity, there is a huge range of flavours available on the market for those who like fruity flavours. Not only can you get singular fruit flavours like apple or lemon, but you can also get flavour combinations too and if you’re interested in fruity flavours, you should try something like Witchcraft Forest Fruits or Juice N Power Tropical Fruit.

You like a cool fresh taste 

If you’re the sort of person who always has chewing gum or mints on them or you actually don’t mind the taste of toothpaste, then you will likely get along well with menthol flavoured vape juice. These flavours can give you the cool fresh taste that you tend to enjoy. 

Menthol tobacco cigarettes are a popular choice for those who smoke and it is no surprise that menthol flavoured vape juice is popular amongst those who vape. Lots of different brands make menthol eliquid and there are a number of different options to try, but why not start with Puffin Rascal Ice Mint or Pod Salt Ice Menthol.

You don’t mind the taste of tobacco 

When smoking tobacco cigarettes for years, some get used to the flavour and actually end up quite liking it. Thankfully, if you swap to a vape device, you won’t have to let go of this very distinctive flavour and you can even buy tobacco flavoured eliquid

Many are surprised by just how well some of the best vape juice brands can actually mimic the real flavour of tobacco and there won’t be too much of a difference between the real thing. If you’re interested in tobacco flavoured vape juice, try something like Liqua Virginia Tobacco or Hale Rollin Blend Tobacco

Purchasing vape juice for your vaping device 

With such a huge range of different flavours on the market nowadays, no matter what your individual taste palate may be like, you can trust that you will have plenty of options to choose from. Of course, vape juice is continually evolving too and some of the new flavours you can purchase are incredibly realistic, so long gone are the days of bad tasting artificial flavours. Why not try a few different flavours to see exactly what’s out there for your taste palate. 

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