Common Signs That Your Vape Device Isn’t Working Properly

As you may have noticed, over the past few years vaping has started to see a surge in popularity - this is primarily down to the fact that this is a healthier hobby to have in comparison to smoking cigarettes, which is extremely bad from a health perspective. Unfortunately, the manufacturers are still developing, and this means that the devices that are on the market are not-yet perfect. Below, The Vape Life’s team has taken the liberty of shedding some light on the common issues that vape users come into contact with.  

A Lack Of Hit

Before we get into the issues that are slightly-more complicated, we feel that we should address a problem that many people have when they start vaping for the first time. Depending on your past, you may have a higher-tolerance for nicotine than others - this means that if you opt for an e-liquid with a lower concentration, the draw might not be what you are looking for. Rather than look to your vaping device for a fault, we would suggest that you experiment with a more-powerful e-liquid. 

Liquid Leakage

Were you to grab your device to indulge in a much-needed vape, only to discover that your hand was subsequently covered in a sticky substance, the likelihood is that your vaping unit has suffered a leak. Although the tanks are meant to be high-quality and durable, there is still room for improvement. That being said, it could be down to user error - we suggest that you double check to make sure that the tank has been screwed on tightly enough. Last time you were refilling, it might have been that you failed to secure it as you usually do.

Burnt Flavour

Arguably one of the most-common complaints that people have in relation to vaping, is that the flavour has been ruined by a sense of burning. Thankfully, the cause for this can be unearthed relatively easily. In case you didn’t know, you are meant to routinely swap your coils, as they are prone to becoming burnt-out. This, in-turn, can have an adverse effect on the taste that you can enjoy. Subsequent to installing your replacement, you can be rest-assured that things will have returned to their normal state.

Recurring Spitback

Once you have owned your own vaping application for an extended period of time, you will be familiar with how it should operate - this means that from the moment that you notice that there is spitback, you will understand that something has gone wrong. Usually, this occurs because of a slight fault deep within the device, but you do not have to worry about sourcing a replacement part. Your best-bet for a smooth-and-seamless experience is to hold it away from yourself when using it initially; let the excess liquid spit out and after that, you should be just-fine. Another way to avoid spitback is to hold your device upside down and give it a good shake, where mouth piece is facing the floor so the excess liquid can come out.

We’re Here To Help

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