Commonly Asked Questions on Vape Coils Answered

Vape coils are at the heart of any e-cigarette kit. In this post, The Vape Life team answers a few of the most frequently asked questions about vape coils, so that you will be able to understand these pieces of equipment better - no matter whether you’re a keen vaper or just starting your vaping journey. Read below to learn more, and if you’d like to explore The Vape Life’s collection of vape coils - please visit our website today.

What are Vape Coils?

Many people who are new to vaping do not fully understand what a vape coil is, and this isn’t a problem as The Vape Life team will explain here. Essentially, a vape coil is one of the most important parts of an e-cigarette, and their function is to heat up the e-liquid in your tank, and make it into a vapour for you to inhale. Coils can be manufactured from a wide range of materials such as mesh, wire, ceramic, titanium and kanthal wire. Different materials create different qualities of vapour and flavour, so this is something to take into consideration. 

How often Should you Replace Vape Coils? 

Vape coils don’t last forever, it’s as simple as that. It all depends on the heat levels and the frequency of use. For instance, if you are a regular vaper and you’re using your equipment on a daily basis, then you’re most likely going to need to change your vape coils more often. Overall, several factors affect how often you should replace your coils - such as the PG/VG of your e-liquid, and the wattage and voltage that you use. Normally a coil can last between 1-2 weeks and the easiest way to know when to change the coil is, when you taste the flavour fading away or get a burnt taste when you vape.

How Can you Make a Coil Last Longer?

You might be asking yourself if there is anything you can do to lengthen your coils’ lifespan. Yes, there is - you can prime your coil to extend its life. This is very simple, all you need to do is add a few drops of juice to the wicking material, so that it can sink in first. Next, once the coil is placed securely in your tank, you need to fill the tank with your e-liquid and let it settle for a couple of minutes. It is recommended to start off on a lower power setting, and gradually raise the power later on. 

Does one coil work on all tanks?

Each tank or vape kit has its own coil and while some coils are cross compatible with different tanks more then likely the tank you’ve will only take its own coils. So its always best to buy the coils that are designed for your tank.

You will also notice when purchasing a coil that you will have options for different resistance. Different resistance runs on different settings (wattage) and you can buy the one that best suits your needs. If you are looking for dense big clouds and more vape its best to buy a coil that runs on higher wattage whereas if you're looking for less vape and more of MTL vaping experience its best to buy a coil that runs on lower wattage coil. 

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