E-Cigarette Manufacturers that you Might Be Interested In

With so many manufacturers trying to obtain market share in regards to electronic cigarettes, it is unsurprising that you have not had much luck sourcing one that is to your liking. Each of them has something about them which makes them unique, meaning that it can certainly be a struggle narrowing down your options. As one of Ireland’s most-prominent vape shops, The Vape Life has a comprehensive understanding of this industry. This experience means that we can walk you through the manufacturers that are worth taking a closer look at.


Over the past ten years, it is safe to say that Innokin has gone from strength-to-strength; few manufacturers possess their experience, and they have certainly been putting this to good use. Regardless of if your preference is for small, discreet vaping pens, or units that possess larger tanks, Innokin has you covered. Whatsmore, they have sought to keep their prices competitive-yet-affordable, which is certainly something to keep in mind as a consumer. 


If you are someone that values, above all-else, technological prowess, there is no doubt about it - you want to put your faith into VOOPOO. Despite having only opened their doors in 2017, they have been taking huge strides to become a leader in this industry. If you were to look at their sales record, we are sure that you would agree that they have been rather successful with this objective. The coils that they produce are built to last, and the same can be said for their high-quality vaporisers. When it comes to durability, VOOPOO will not let you down.


When you first cast your eye over Eleaf’s not-inconsiderable collection of products, you might not instantly recognise their vaporisers - the reason for this is that they have opted to depart from classic designs, in favour of new and exciting units. The iStick range, which is what they have come to be known as, is slightly more cube-like than other models found on the market. Don’t let this deter you - they still operate in the same way, and are renowned for their powerful draws, which we are sure will appeal to you.


If you’re looking for something affordable that provides a premium vaping quality, look no further than Vaporesso. Their main goal from the start has been to create devices with better performance and leak resistance tanks. This can be seen in their new devices like Vaporesso Go40/Go80 which have been hugely popular, if you’re on a budget but looking to get your money worth give Vaporesso a try.

A Word About Us

As you can see, there are plenty of options available for anyone that is after a starter kit; some people swear by the products coming from Innokin, whilst others prefer the units produced by Vaporesso. Whatever your final decision, the chances are that you will want to find a top-tier e-cigarette shop in Dublin to do business with. 

When it comes to retailers that specialise in supplying first-class alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, few come close to the level of The Vape Life. We are a vape store that takes great pride in maintaining a first-class catalogue, and we would love to show you what we can do. To anyone that is intrigued about the collection that we have put-together, feel free to reach out to us directly at info@jointhevapelife.ie  

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