Eco Vaping; How to Be a More Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious Vaper

It’s so important these days to consider the long term implications that our actions can have on the environment. This can mean walking somewhere instead of driving, remembering to recycle as much of our rubbish as possible, and choosing sustainable products when possible. But it can also mean being careful with your vaping choices. Of course, vaping is already an environmentally conscious choice because it doesn’t contribute to the millions of discarded cigarette butts (a non-biodegradable litter) nor does it contribute to the environmental degradation that comes from tobacco growing. 

But here at The Vape Life, we know that it is easy to be more environmentally friendly. With just a little bit of care and attention, you can limit the impact that you’re having on the environment with every puff. None of these are the particularly difficult changes to make and we can guide you through the entire process. Here are just a few of the things that you can do to do your bit for the environment.

Recycle your Batteries

Your batteries are an important part of your vape kit and mostly, they are rechargeable, but that doesn’t mean that they last forever. They will eventually stop working well enough to be not worth keeping and when that happens you should not throw it away. Batteries can leak toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment, which could cause all sorts of problems. 

It’s much better for you to recycle your batteries instead, as it removes the risk to the environment and limits the need for more batteries to be created. The creation of batteries can cost a lot of energy that costs the earth every time. But recycling your batteries limits the energy expenditure and the amount of raw materials that are taken out of the earth.

Avoid Using Single-Use Devices

If you are a frequent vaper, then we would recommend that you use refillable vaping devices. While single-use and disposable e-cigarettes might be convenient, they do quickly create a lot of rubbish. This plastic takes a lot of resources and energy to create and it can take hundreds of years for the plastic to degrade. Our reusable pods can easily be refilled with whichever nicotine salts and freebase nicotine you might like. This means that you’ll be able to limit the number of single use devices that end up in the landfill and it can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Invest in Quality Devices

We would recommend avoiding any cheap devices because they might break down and stop working. This forces you to regularly purchase replacement, which is unnecessarily expensive for you and costly for the planet. Not least because these devices have to be shipped around the world, increasing the logistical carbon footprint. An increase in carbon in the atmosphere is having a detrimental effect on the planet, so limiting this as much as possible is vital. So, choosing a quality device, even if it costs you more upfront, will help to limit your carbon footprint and the amount of natural resources that are used.

Want to Find out More?

If you’re interested in finding out more about choosing more environmentally friendly vaping, then feel free to contact our team today. We want to help customers find their footing with eco-friendly choices and with our years of experience we’ll be able to guide you through the many simple steps to living a better life. Moving to an environmentally friendly lifestyle can seem daunting at the outset but it is actually quite simple, as long as you’re mindful of the choices that you’re making.

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