How To Choose A Vaping Starter Kit

Deciding to finally take the leap and swap your tobacco and cigarettes for a vape kit can be quite daunting. Stepping foot in a vape shop for the first time or starting to browse products online is often overwhelming. It goes without saying that to make your transition as easy as possible, it is worthwhile spending some time ensuring that you purchase the right vape. 

Thankfully, these days there are numerous vape starter kits available on the market and you will have plenty to choose from. If you’re looking for some advice in this regard, keep reading today. Our team here at The Vape Life have put together a helpful easy to understand guide to choosing your first vape starter kit at a vape shop.

Your vaping requirements

One of the first things to think about is what your current smoking habits are because these will go on to affect your vaping requirements. From how many cigarettes you smoke a day, to the brand that you smoke, these factors can help you to choose the right vaping starter kit

Something that all first-time vapers need to be aware of is that all vapes are split into two different categories, MTL (Mouth To Lung) and DTL (Direct To Lung). MTL vapes are used when you prefer to take a draw on the vape before you inhale, this will be the most familiar to anyone who smokes cigarettes. Whereas, DTL vapes are used when you prefer to breathe the vapour straight in and this is similar to how you would smoke a shisha. Choosing MTL or DTL is your first decision to make and it is actually a really important one.

Choosing a device 

There are lots of different devices and vaping products you can choose from when swapping to a vape and these days, vape shops have lots of different shapes and sizes for you to pick from. Ultimately, all vape devices will carry out the same function, but each starter kit will vary in its design, components, battery life and more. 

When you’re new to vaping and if you’re used to smoking cigarettes then there are two different devices that are usually recommended to start with. Both e-cigarettes (sometimes known as cig-a-likes) and vape pens are the easiest replacements. They are both similar in shape and feel like a cigarette, as they are light and very portable. Unless you have experience vaping in the past, they are usually the best place to start. 

Deciding on an e-liquid 

One of the last things to think about is the type of e-liquid you’re going to be using in your vape. Of course, one of the biggest things is the taste of the liquid. When you’re used to smoking it will be strange swapping to a flavoured liquid, but thankfully, there is such a huge selection to choose from and there are even liquids which are specifically designed to be similar to the taste of a cigarette. 

Another big thing to consider when deciding on an e-liquid is how much nicotine you’d like. You can get various different strengths which can really help your transition to start with and of course, it is something that can be adjusted over time. 

About The Vape Life

Hopefully, the guide above can help you to narrow down the products available in vape shops, to assist you in choosing one that will work well for you. Of course, some aspects of the kits, especially the e-liquid, may take some trial and error, so don’t give up too quickly. Stick with it and try a few different flavours and you will thank yourself in the long run. 

When searching for a vape shop to purchase your starter kit from, visit The Vape Life website today. We have a selection for you to choose from, from JUUL kits and Aramax kits to Aspire kits and Vaporesso kits, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking for some further advice then our team will gladly assist you in this regard too. We will do all we can to help make your transition to vaping as easy as possible.   

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