Signs Your Vape Coil Needs Replacing

Whether you are a beginner or experienced vaper, eventually you will need to replace your vapes coil. For reference, the coil’s purpose is to heat the vape e-juice into vapour, meaning it can be inhaled and consumed by the user. However, over time the coil will begin to deteriorate in quality and condition, at which point it’s important to purchase vape coil replacements so that our vape can continue to function smoothly. 

So that it’s more apparent when you need a new vape coil, here are a few of the most noticeable signs that your coil needs replacement. 

All you taste is burning

The far most noticeable sign that you vape coil needs replacing is if you begin to experience a burnt taste, regardless of the juice that you are using at the time. This is because the coil is simply heating up extensively due to being damaged over time, which results in a burning taste from just excessive heat and potentially burning the vape liquid. Not only does this taste really bad, but you are also risking inhaling the taste from the heavy metals which are being used, which isn’t ideal for your health.

Some cleaning techniques can help aid with the prevention of vape coil replacements, but it’s still highly likely that you will still experience a burning taste regardless of how clean it is, as it may still be old and damaged without being noticed. 

Poor vapour production

You may also come to realise that you the vape is producing far less in terms of vapour. If the vape coil fails to heat up correctly, then it will struggle to vapourize the e-juice to the same standards that it used to do - ultimately ruining the experience of using your vape. Especially if you frequently use your vape as an alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes, you may find it difficult to obtain the nicotine strengths that you are used to, once more ruining the experience for the user. 

Your juice doesn’t taste as it seems

As we have already mentioned above, even if the burnt taste doesn't put you off your vape, then the terrible taste of the juice from the coil will make you wish not to use the vape any longer. This primarily comes down to the fact that the coil may not vaporize the liquid properly as referenced above, which may also result in the flavour not coming across as its meant to.

If you haven’t changed your coil in a while, it’s also likely that the coil and wick have become soaked with older vape e-juices that are different flavours. Fortunately, a vape coil replacement will prevent this, as you will replace the wick whilst also changing the coil itself. 

Gurgling sounds

It’s never a good sign if you hear strange noises from your vape device, more so if you hear a gurgling sound, which is likely to be linked to your vape coil. One of the most common reasons that the gurgling is occurring is because the coil isn’t heating up correctly, which may also be an issue due to the battery, but it’s also likely that the coil is damaged or old, at which point a vape coil replacement is needed. 

Starting to leak

If at any stage your vape begins to leak, it might be worth looking straight at the coil. If the vape coil becomes too damaged over time, it increases the potential for the vape juice to leak within the vape into other areas including the battery, causing additional damage. If you do ever experience a leak, it’s best to take the whole vape apart and inspect each part as there is no guarantee that it’s the coil which is leaking, though it can still happen.

Looking to purchase replacement coils?

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