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It goes without saying really that you can’t use a vape device without vape juice, the same way you can’t smoke a normal cigarette without tobacco. For this reason, it isn’t uncommon for people who vape to stock up on a few bottles of vape juice to ensure that no matter what happens, they don’t run out. Many will swap flavours every now and then too, so having half-empty bottles around the house is quite normal. 

Whilst there is no harm in stocking up on vape juice and you can buy a few bottles of your favourite brand/flavour whenever they’re on offer as it won’t go ‘out of date’, so to speak, it is important to ensure that you’re storing your spares correctly. If you’ve never really thought about the way you store your vape juice before, keep reading today. Below we have put together some simple advice to make sure you’re doing things right. 

Keep the vape juice out of the light

One of the most important things to remember when you’re storing vape juice is that it needs to be kept out of the light. Whether this is sunlight or even artificial light, over time the light will reduce the strength of the juice, if it contains nicotine, and also change the flavour of the juice too, often causing it to both taste and smell funny. 

Ideally, you should store your spare vape juice somewhere like a dark cupboard where it won’t be affected by light. Before you try using a vape juice that has been sitting around for a while, make sure you smell it, you will instantly be able to tell if it has spoiled. 

Make sure it’s in a cool place 

Heat can also affect vape juice and it is important to ensure that the dark place you find for your spare bottles is also cool, so avoid any cupboards above radiators or in the kitchen. If your vape juice bottles get too warm, the ingredients will start to break down and this will change the flavour of the juice quite quickly, making it unusable. 

Some people choose to store their spare vape juice in the fridge or even the freezer and this can work well, especially if you’re going to be storing the bottles for quite a long time. If you’re tempted to give this a try, it’s worthwhile doing a little bit of research first. 

Double-check the cap before storing 

When storing spare bottles of vape juice, over time, air might cause oxidation as the oxygen in the air starts to react with the nicotine in your juice. This won’t necessarily be something you need to worry about if you’re storing new bottles that have never been opened, but if you’ve used some of the vape juice already, you should be aware of oxidation. 

To try and minimise the amount of air your vape juice is exposed to, always double-check the cap before you put your bottle into a dark cupboard or the fridge/freezer. You may even be able to squeeze some of the air out of a plastic bottle before putting the cap on firmly as well. 

Keep the bottles standing upright 

A little bonus tip; make sure that all of your vape juice bottles are stored standing upright. If you have ever spilt a bottle of vape juice before then you will know how much mess this sticky liquid can make and if your caps aren’t on tight enough and your bottles are laying down, they’re probably going to leak. So, save yourself a lot of hassle by simply standing them up. 

Buying vape juice in Ireland 

All in all, it is fair to say that you really should ensure that you’re storing any spare vape juice you may have in the right way and doing so can help to prevent all of the common problems touched on above. Hopefully, this simple advice will be useful if you use a vape device and you can now ensure that you’re not just leaving your vape juice lying around once you’ve stocked up on a few bottles of your favourites. 

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