Top E-Cigarette Charging Tips

As the name suggests, electric cigarettes are battery-powered devices and whilst some models are designed for single-use, the vast majority can be re-charged when the battery has run out. More often than not, e-cig and vape kits will come with a charging cable that enables you to plug your device straight into the mains, so you don’t need to worry about constantly changing the batteries, which is incredibly convenient.

Of course, due to the fact that your e-cig simply won’t work without a charged battery, this makes it an integral part of the device and it is likely that you will need to charge your e-cig pen on a regular basis. So, to help anyone who is new to using an electronic cigarette, below we have put together some of our top general charging tips.

Never leave your charging e-cig unattended

Whilst this is fairly obvious, it is always worthwhile mentioning and reminding yourself of. You should always keep an eye on your e-cig device when it is charging and not doing so is a real safety risk. Even though the majority of devices nowadays will automatically stop charging when the battery is full, you really should take extra caution. 

Always use a suitable charging cable 

As mentioned above, most e-cig and vape kits will come with charging cables and ideally, this should be the only cable that you use to charge your device. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to buy a new e-cig pen charger, make sure that you’re purchasing something that is suitable for your batteries and that won’t cause them to overheat. 

Ensure that you’re not overcharging your device 

It is likely that you will have heard horror stories about overcharged batteries exploding and whilst this isn’t something that happens frequently, it is a real risk to be aware of. So, whilst it can be tempting to charge your e-cig, or even your spare batteries, overnight, you really shouldn’t. Overcharging your batteries isn’t only unsafe, but it can easily ruin them too. 

Only invest in high-quality replacement batteries 

You will probably find that over time, your batteries start to deteriorate, which is normal, but it will mean that you need to invest in replacements. When doing so, it is essential to ensure that you’re doing your research and purchasing high-quality batteries that are compatible with your device. As far as batteries are concerned, it is usually beneficial to invest in something a little bit more expensive if you can. 

Try to clean your battery on a regular basis

Depending on how frequently you use your e-cig, you should ensure that you’re cleaning it every few days or maybe even once a day. When you’re cleaning the device it is important to also clean around the battery (mod), removing any e-liquid gunk and dust that builds up here. Doing so will ensure that your battery is operating efficiently and it will prevent your device from breaking. This does NOT apply to 18650 batteries.

Don’t leave the batteries unused for too long 

If you have ever left batteries in a device that you haven’t used for a long time then you will know that they can rust and corrode which will not only ruin the batteries but potentially damage the device too. The same goes for 18650 e-cigs batteries and, for this reason, if you’re not using a device frequently you should take the batteries out or remember to turn it on every now and then. This only applies if your e-cigs take external 18650 batteries. 

Store any spare batteries correctly 

Many people who uses a vape that takes external 18650 batteries will have spare batteries and this can be beneficial for a number of reasons, however, if you have spares then you should ensure that you’re storing them correctly. Ideally, you should purchase a battery case and fully charge all spares before putting them in here. You also need to make sure they’re kept at average room temperature too. 

Purchasing a new e-cig pen charger 

Hopefully, no matter what model of electric cigarette you have, these tips will be beneficial to you. Bearing in mind everything mentioned above will help you to prevent any nasty accidents whilst ensuring that your device is always functioning optimally and that your batteries are well-maintained. It goes without saying that it is incredibly important to ensure that you’re handling vape batteries and chargers properly, so never overlook this. 

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