Using Nicotine Shots To Cut Back On Your Nicotine Intake

Whilst there are lots of different solutions on the market to help you quit smoking these days, lots of people will turn to electronic cigarettes and vape devices to make the transition to being smoke-free. Of course, there are lots of health benefits to giving up smoking and when you’re no longer inhaling harmful and toxic chemicals every day, you will notice a big difference in your quality of life. 

For many, one of the hardest things about quitting smoking is giving up nicotine altogether. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical that is found in tobacco products and when trying to quit, it is often craving nicotine that causes people to go back to smoking. Thankfully, vape devices are able to help people better control their nicotine intake and using nicotine shots, commonly referred to as ‘nic shots’, can be the solution to helping you become nicotine-free. 

If you’re not sure what nicotine shots are or how they can help you cut back on your nicotine intake so that you no longer crave it, keep reading today. 

The basics about nicotine shots 

Nicotine shots are small bottles of unflavoured liquid nicotine. These bottles are designed to be used alongside bottles of e-liquid called short fills to create the perfect strength of e-liquid to vape. Simply put, you add your desired amount of nicotine to the short fill bottle and vaping this liquid will help to curb the craving that you’re having. 

Different people will use different strengths of e-liquid in their vape device and you will need to find the right strength for you. Generally speaking, if you were a heavy smoker, 12mg/ml in strength is a good place to start and if you were a moderate smoker, 6mg/ml in strength usually works well. This will then ensure that you’re satisfying your cravings.

Cutting back on the amount of nicotine you have 

The brilliant thing about nicotine shots is that you’re able to change how much you’re putting into your short fill and you can easily alter the strength of your e-liquid over time. If you’re wanting to cut back on how much nicotine you’re using in your vape device in an attempt to wean yourself off it completely, try the following; 

Slowing reduce your nicotine strength 

One of the most straightforward ways to cut back on how much nicotine you have is to start gradually lowering the amount of nicotine you put into your e-liquid. Some people will reduce the amount daily, others weekly or monthly, so find a pace that works for you. You don’t need to reduce it by much either, 1mg of nicotine at a time is all it takes. 

Play around with the VG/PG ratio 

If you use a mouth to lung device that allows you to, it could be worth trying a higher PG ratio in your vape liquid as you reduce your nicotine intake too. A higher PG ratio will give you a harsher throat hit and this might make you feel as though you’re inhaling more nicotine than you actually are. You will get a stronger flavour when you have a higher PG ratio e-liquid as well. 

Mix and match your nicotine strengths 

Having a few bottles of e-liquid that are different nicotine strengths works for some people too. Swapping to lower levels of nicotine every now and then can help to prevent you from getting used to a stronger e-liquid, and you may find that randomly vaping lower strengths makes it easier for you to reduce the amount of nicotine you use. 

Use your vape device less regularly

Of course, you always have the option to try and cut back on how frequently you vape, and this will automatically reduce the amount of nicotine you have on a daily basis. Setting yourself a realistic goal for how many puffs you’re going to have a day can help you to have more control over the amount of nicotine you’re having and it may even reduce your cravings too. 

Buying nicotine shots in Ireland

Hopefully, if you’ve started using a vape device to help you quit smoking and you’re keen to wean yourself off nicotine altogether, the information above will be useful to you. It is fair to say that over time, with some strong willpower and dedication, it is possible to stop using nicotine in your vape. You will likely be surprised by just how easy it can be to become nicotine free when you use nicotine shots to help you. 

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