What Are Nicotine Salts?

What Are Nicotine Salts? 

Whether you’re new to vaping or you swapped your tobacco for a vape a while ago, you probably won’t know everything about all of the products offered by vape stores. There is no denying that there will be numerous products that are completely new to you. Whilst some of these things may be pretty self-explanatory, others aren’t necessarily as easy to get your head around. 

One product that there is quite a bit of confusion about is nicotine salts, otherwise known as nic salts. So, to help anyone trying to figure out exactly what nic salts are and why vape shops stock them, our team here at The Vape Life have put together an easy to understand guide covering all the basics. Keep reading today to find out everything you need to know about nicotine salts.

What are nic salts?

Simply put, nicotine salt is a type of nicotine that forms naturally in tobacco leaf. They are the most efficient way to deliver nicotine to your body when vaping and the nicotine hit from nic salts is designed to curb cravings for longer periods of time. Whilst they may be called nic ‘salts’ the product is actually a liquid much like a standard e-liquid or a nicotine shot. 

How do they differ from nicotine in other e-liquids?

The nicotine that you find in other e-liquids and nicotine shots is also known as "freebase" nicotine and it is a distilled form of nicotine. This freebase nicotine is also used in other nicotine replacement products like patches, gum and spray. 

The biggest difference between freebase nicotine and nicotine salts is the harshness the user experiences during inhalation. With freebase nicotine, due to the high alkalinity and higher PH levels, the higher the level of nicotine the harsher the vaping experience. Whereas, nic salts are made with something called benzoic acid and due to this they have a lower PH level, so the vaping experience is much more smooth even if the nicotine levels are high. 

Why do people use them?

Many people who are swapping from cigarettes to a vape will benefit from using nicotine salts because they are known for best mimicking smoking. They allow the nicotine to enter the bloodstream at a similar speed to cigarettes so, it makes the transition much easier and you shouldn’t suffer as much with cravings. 

In general, nic salts are considered to be much more cost-effective too and they tend to last much longer than nicotine shots. This type of nicotine also has much less effect on the overall flavour of the e-liquid so you will find that the flavours you vape will be much richer and flavourful as well. 

How do you use nicotine salts?

Unlike nicotine shots that you may have used previously to add nicotine to your e-liquid, you don’t need to mix nic salts with a short fill. Nic shots come in various flavours, like e-liquids do, and you can put them straight into your vape. 

You may see some people mixing their nicotine salts and you can do this if you want to create new flavours. However, it is important to note that you can’t mix your nic salt vape juice with a freebase vape juice. So, if you do mix, ensure they’re both nic salts. 

Can you use nic salts in any vape?

The simple answer to this question is no. In order to use nic salts safely, you need to have a low output device. If you use nic salts with a high power device it is incredibly easy to get far too much nicotine too quickly. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you don’t use sub ohm devices. If you’re unsure which vape to use, a professional will be able to advise further. Just contact us through live chat or look at different pod system we offer.

Purchasing nic salts 

Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about what nicotine salts are and why vape stores stock them. Of course, you may find that they are a product you’ll never need to use but, for many, especially when swapping from smoking tobacco and cigarettes, knowing what nic salts are is very beneficial. 

If you’re searching for a website to purchase products like nic salts from, be sure to visit The Vape Life site today. We have a large selection of nic salts, all from big named brands, for you to choose from. We also have a vast range of other products available too from e-liquids and nicotine shots to e-cigarettes and various accessories, so you can trust that we will have everything you could possibly need all in one place. 


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