What are E-Cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes are an alternative to traditional smoking. An e-cigarette looks like a real cigarette, tastes like a real cigarette and releases smoke like a real cigarette. Electronic Cigarettes are the Healthier Alternative to harmful tobacco cigarettes. The way they work is very simple, a coil heats up and vaporizes a liquid, which depending on the user's preference, either contains or does not contain nicotine. The user then inhales the vapor produced, and feels the ‘throat hit’ sensation of smoking, without harmful side effects. Electronic Cigarette Companys KangerTech, Just Fog, Aspire, Innokin, Joyetech, And Smok meets all the needs of ordinary cigarette, and thanks to its unique content makes SMOKING BE HEALTHIER and SAFER (no tar, no fire) - both for the smoker and those in his immediate vicinity!

Are E-Cigarettes Harmful? 

There are no carcinogens in electronic cigarettes, and nothing in them that you are probably not consuming already in a fizzy soft drink, or frozen ‘ready meal’. We have only had good feedback regarding the health benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes from our customers. Most of our customer have stuck to E-Cigarettes after they have tried them, it gives more flavours to choose from and a unique sensation according to their preference and no test has found anything harmful in them. We use E-Cigarettes ourselves, so we have researched all we could to find out the effects of using them.

No data exists on the effects of using E-Cigarettes long term, but there is no indication from the initial short-term testing carried out by independent institutions that it will be any worse for you than drinking a fizzy soft drink per day.