Automatic Vs Manual E-cig Battery/Mod

When purchasing a new e-cig or vape, you will have many different things to think about and it is fair to say that it isn’t necessarily as straightforward as some may assume. One thing that even frequent vapers are unaware of is that you can actually choose from different types of e-cig batteries/mods too. These are an essential part of your e-cig/vape and aside from them being available in a range of different voltages, you can also choose from automatic and manual e-cig battery/mod too. 

Typically, vapers will, without even realising, start off with an automatic option and often this is recommended to first-time vapers. However, the manual option is beneficial in its own way and it can provide you with a completely different vaping experience. So, if you’re looking to find out more in this regard and you’re curious about the differences between these two types of e-cig batteries/mods, keep reading today. 

What is an e-cig battery/mod?

In order to learn the difference between automatic and manual batteries/mods, it is important to know exactly what this part of the device does. In short, this part of your e-cig or vape is designed to power the atomizer. The atomizer will then heat the e-liquid and turn it into vapour. So, without the battery or mod, you wouldn’t even be able to use your e-cig or vape. 

What is an automatic e-cig battery/mod?

An automatic battery works in a very similar way to a traditional cigarette. In order to use this type of battery/mod, all you have to do is take a drag. They have a built-in switch that is activated by your inhalation. For example, many of the pod system are automatic e-cigs such as Aspire AVP, Juul, Voom and Aspire Minican just to name few. 

What is a manual e-cig battery/mod?

A manual battery works slightly different and it is button-operated instead of draw operated. So, in order to use your e-cig or vape, you will need to hold down a small button that is often positioned conveniently on the side of the device. It also gives you much for flexibility as you can customize the power output using different watts.

Which is the best to use?

Both of these types of batteries and mods have their own advantages and it usually comes down to personal preference when choosing between the two. It is advisable to try both automatic and manual e-cig batteries/mods to see which one you prefer. To help you decide which to go for first, here at the benefits to each; 

Pros to automatic 

  • Provide a familiar experience - many like automatic batteries because they are so similar to smoking a cigarette and they are incredibly straightforward to use.
  • Lower electricity consumption - they tend to last longer between charges, meaning you can vape for longer periods without worrying about running out of battery. 
  • Convenient – Automatic e-cigs are usually small in size and require very little maintenance, they can easily slide into your pocket or purse, making them extremely convenient to carry around and use.

Pros to manual 

  • Get the maximum amount of vaper straight away - pressing the button quickly warms the atomizer so you always get a good amount of vaper.
  • Safe to use with refill tanks - they are completely sealed, making them safe to use if you refill your tank yourself with e-liquid rather than using pre-filled tanks as tanks have more protection against leakage then automatic ecig mod.
  • You can set the power setting depending on your mood! We know many customers that like a strong hit in the morning or with their first coffee and it’s good note that this is only possible with a mod and not a stick style vape.

It isn’t uncommon for people who vape to actually use both automatic and manual e-cig batteries/mods and this tends to work quite well. Often, an automatic will be used when they’re out and about because it is hassle-free, whereas a manual will be used at home, as it provides them with more control. 

Purchasing an e-cig battery/mod

Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about automatic and manual e-cig batteries/mods and you should be able to choose the type that will be best for you. It is always worthwhile ensuring that no matter which type of mod or battery you choose, it is good quality. This part of your e-cig/vape can improve your vaping experience and provide you with hours worth of power, so it is always beneficial to ensure you’re purchasing the best available. 

When searching for either an automatic or a manual e-cig battery/mod, take a look at The Vape Life website. We can provide you with a huge range of different replacements and spares, so no matter what type of device you use, it is likely that we will be able to assist you. If you’re ever unsure what type of mod or battery you need to be purchasing, simply contact us or pop into our Dublin vape shop and we will happily assist you further. 

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