Reasons Why Your Vape Might Taste Bad

People decide to go to a vape shop and invest in a vape starter kit for lots of different reasons and there is no denying that there are many benefits to doing so. If you’re used to smoking cigarettes then it is likely that one of the first things you will notice about swapping to vape is how much nicer it will taste. With numerous different vape juices to choose from and something for absolutely everyone’s palette, many enjoy experimenting with the range of flavours available. 

Whether you’re new to vaping or you’ve been using a vape for a few years now, you may find that every now and then your vape tastes bad. Whilst you may wonder whether this is simply a change in your preference that means you can use your favourite vape juice anymore, thankfully, there is usually a very simple reason behind the odd taste you’re experiencing. If you’ve noticed a strange taste recently then, below is a list of reasons which may be causing it. 

You have accidentally mixed two flavours

Sometimes, when changing to a new vape juice flavour, if you haven’t cleaned the tank/clearomizer correctly then you can end up with a mix of different flavours, which usually doesn’t taste that great. We have written previously in more detail about swapping between flavours and this may help you to get rid of the strange taste that you’re experiencing. 

You need to change the coil in your vape

When you think that your vape juice tastes burnt, this is usually a clear sign that you need to change the coil in your vape. Due to the fact that the coil heats up every time you press the button on your vape, it is likely that if you haven’t changed it in a while this is the cause of the bad taste. It is worthwhile changing the coil regularly to help avoid this issue. 

You aren’t adding the right amount of nicotine

If you add nicotine shots to your short fill vape juice, you may be getting a strange taste or an irritating sensation in your throat when vaping because you’re adding too much nicotine. We have written in more detail before about nicotine shots and getting the right nicotine strength, so this may be able to help you to get the right balance. 

Your device isn’t powerful enough for you 

As you’re probably aware, there are many different types of vapes on the market and it might be the case that your vape device isn’t powerful enough for you. A smaller vaping device might not be providing you with the big flavour hit that you’re looking for and this may cause it to taste a bit dull. You might want to consider purchasing a new device that is more suitable. 

You are vaping a new juice from a different brand

If you have just started using a new vape juice from a different brand, it may be the case that the juice just isn’t what you’re used to and the flavour strength or the quality isn’t the same as your previous juice. It may also be worthwhile checking the PG/VG ratio too, again this may be different from what you’re used to vaping and it can change the taste slightly too. 

You might have vaper’s tongue 

Whilst this might sound scary, don’t worry, it doesn’t last forever. Sometimes people experience a loss of taste when it comes to vape juice and this may explain the bad or bland taste that you’re getting. There are things that you can do to help your taste return, for some swapping to an un-flavoured vape juice or just a lighter flavour for a while may help or vaping on strong menthol or mint flavour will help others to get rid of the vaper’s tongue.  

Understanding the bad taste in your vape 

Hopefully, now you’re aware of some of the most common reasons why your vape tastes bad, you will easily be able to fix what’s causing the strange taste you’re experiencing. Of course, if you’re new to vaping and you’re worried about changing your coil for the first time or buying the right device, simply pop into your local vape shop, they will be able to assist you further and help you to get that brilliant vape taste back. 

When searching for a local vape shop in Dublin, be sure to visit The Vape Life website. Not only do we have an easy to navigate online shop where you can find all of your vape essentials, but we also have a physical store in George's Street Arcade, Dublin 2, as well. Please feel free to pop into our vape shop any time, whether you have any questions or you’re in need of some new products and our experienced team will gladly help you. 

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