Four Vaping Don’ts You Must Know

There’s always something new to learn when it comes to vaping. If you’re looking to get the absolute most out of your vaping experience, then The Vape Life team has written an educational post below that goes into depth about four fundamental vaping ‘don’ts’ that every vaper should obey. 

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Don’t Leave Your Device Charging Overnight

First of all, a highly important ‘don’t’ for every vaper is to leave your vaping device charging overnight. The reason why is because doing this can make your device’s battery wear out pretty quickly. It can significantly ruin the health of your battery, and destroy your vaping device in the long-term, which you definitely don’t want to happen. All in all, you should think about charging your device during the day so you can unplug it once its fully charged.  

Don’t Stop Hydrating

Secondly, another important thing to remember not to do is stop hydrating. When you’re vaping, you should always keep yourself hydrated, as it’s quite common to experience a dry mouth when you vape on a regular basis. But if you follow this golden rule, then your vaping experience will become much more pleasant. Being dehydrated during vaping is common amongst beginners, so this is something you should always think about, and make sure you’re drinking water. 

Don’t Vape If You Don’t Have Permission

Furthermore, when you’re vaping, it’s vital that you remember to be considerate of other people around you. You should never vape without having permission from others; it’s important that you ask the owner of the establishment if you’re allowed to vape. This is just common courtesy and politeness, and it’s something that you should start to get in the practice of doing. 

Don’t ‘Chain Vape’

Finally, another big ‘don’t’ regards chain vaping and puffing multiple drags in a short period of time. If you do this, it will burn your coils faster, and it can result in dry hits. Chain vaping can dramatically harm your vaping device, so it’s critical that you wait at least 15-30 seconds before you puff again when you’re vaping. 

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