General Rules For Vape Maintenance

When you first start vaping, your vape device will be an investment. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, vape devices are designed to be used over and over again, so the last thing you want is for your equipment to break and need replacing almost immediately. Ideally, your new e-cigarette should last you months, if not years, and the best way to keep it in a good condition is to simply take good care of it. Proper vape maintenance will help you to avoid a lot of expensive replacement parts in the future. 

Our team at The Vape Life would like to introduce you to our golden rules of vape maintenance, to help you safeguard your investment. 

Look after your battery

The central pillar of vape maintenance is keeping your battery in good condition. After all, it is the battery that runs the vape. Looking after your battery properly will ensure that it lasts as long as possible and doesn’t let you down when you need it. 

One way to take good care of your battery is to only charge your vape when the battery is low. If you charge it more frequently than this, you put the battery at risk of overcharging, which will eventually lead to it breaking down. We would also recommend keeping your vape battery out of extreme temperatures, so don't leave it in direct sunlight or a hot car overnight, for example, as this can cause irreparable damage. 

Clean the tank and coil

Another important rule that you should follow is frequently cleaning the tank and coil. These are both essential parts of the vape setup and not looking after them will impact your vaping experience. You should take the time to thoroughly clean your tank and coil, removing any buildup of e-liquid that might be there. This will give them a new lease of life and keep your vape e-liquid tasting fresh, providing a significantly more pleasant vaping experience. It’s easier than you might think to clean these parts of your vape and it’s always worthwhile doing. 

Keep your e-liquid in good condition

Taking care of your vape means taking care of your e-liquid as well and the last thing you want is for the e-liquid container to be damaged. Not only will this result in spills, wasting the e-liquid, but it can cause the liquid to taste unpleasant when you inhale it too. Ideally, you should keep all of your e-liquid bottles out of direct sunlight and store them in a cool dry place. E-liquid doesn't like to get too hot or too cold, so keep your bottles in a dark cupboard to prevent any problems. 

Take care of the vape as a whole

So far our rules have focused on the individual parts of your vape kit, but there are a few things you can do to take care of the device as a whole. For example, when you're not using your e-cigarette, try to stand it upright. This is important because the e-liquid can leak out of the air holes in the tank and cause gunk build-up where liquid shouldn't be. Additionally, lying your vape on its side increases the chance of dust and dirt building up in the mouthpiece. This can lead to an unpleasant vaping experience and cause you to spend more money replacing the mouthpiece at a later date. Most vapes are designed to stand upright, so it shouldn't be difficult to remember to do this every time you put yours down. 

Got any vape maintenance questions?

If you have any questions about vape maintenance, our team at The Vape Life will be happy to answer them. Just get in touch with us and we can provide you with any additional information you need about keeping your vape in good condition. Should you require some new parts for your vape, you can purchase these via our website too. We stock a brilliant range of high-quality vape products and you can always order from our website in confidence. 

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