Important Things All Vape Users Need To Know When Travelling Abroad

Lots of people book holidays during the winter months and it is no surprise that many want to jet off to an exotic country when the weather is cold and miserable in Dublin. If you’ve recently started using a vape as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, you might not have considered the ins and outs of taking your vape abroad with you yet. 

It goes without saying that you don’t want to get to the airport and have to throw your new vape away because you haven’t thought about things in advance. So, to help you ensure that any future holidays are as enjoyable as possible and that you can always take your vape with you on your trips, below we have put together a list of important things all vape users need to know when they’re travelling abroad with a vape device. 

Check what you can take in your luggage 

When you’re flying, all airlines will have their own rules relating to vape devices, so always double-check the airline’s website before you start packing. 

Generally speaking, lots of airlines have the same basic rules when it comes to what you can take in your hand luggage/carry-on luggage and your hold luggage/check-in luggage. Airlines tend to require you to carry lithium-ion batteries in your hand luggage and because your vape is an electronic device, it will need to be on your person when boarding the plane. So, don’t pack your vape device into any bags you’re checking in to be put into the hold. 

Empty your tanks before flying 

Due to the fact the air pressure on a plane is different from what it is when you’re sitting at home, for example, you will need to be careful with your vape juice. If you leave any juice in your tank, there is a high chance that it will leak during the flight. You’re best off emptying the tank before you get on the plane to prevent any sticky situations. 

Carefully pack any spare vape liquids 

Remember when you’re packing your spare bottles of vape liquid, this liquid will be treated like any other liquid you take on the plane. Therefore, you can only take small 10ml bottles in your hand luggage and they will need to be put into a clear bag alongside all other liquids. 

If you’d like to take a few different vape liquid flavours with you and you plan on putting them in your hold luggage, make sure you’re packing them carefully. To ensure the liquid won’t ruin your clothes and shoes if the bottles leak during the flight, it’s always worthwhile packing them into a separate airtight bag. 

It’s worth noting there is usually a maximum liquid amount you can take with you when flying too and your vape liquid bottles will contribute to the amount of liquid you’re carrying. 

Be prepared to go through security 

To speed things up when you’re going through airport security, make sure you have prepared your vape device in advance. It is usually best to empty your tank to prevent you from having to declare it along with other liquids and removing the battery is usually recommended too, so put this into a separate clear case/bag. 

You may be asked to turn your vape device on when you go through security, so make sure it is charged, just in case. 

Do some research into the country you’re travelling to

As you may expect, there are different laws surrounding vaping across the world and some countries have significantly different regulations. To prevent any hassle with your vape when you’re on holiday, it's always worthwhile doing some research in advance. Head to government websites and other trusted websites to get the information you need. 

When you’re on holiday, remember that vaping etiquette may be different from what it is here in Dublin too. Look at the way the locals are vaping and try to follow their lead. You can also speak to someone at your hotel, for example, to get some local advice in this regard. 

Looking for a vape store in Dublin

If you’re planning a holiday abroad this year, hopefully, the information above will be useful and it will help to ensure you don’t experience any issues with your vape device. Should you need to stock up on your vape essentials before you travel, be sure to visit The Vape Life store, you will find us at George's Street Arcade in Dublin 2. 

When you’re looking for a vape store in Dublin that you can turn to whenever you need new vape products, whether this may be nicotine salts, vape liquids or coils, you can always turn to The Vape Life in confidence. We supply a brilliant range of vape products from well-known and trusted brands, so you can trust we will be able to provide you with the high-quality vape essentials you need. Our team is always happy to offer any vaping advice and guidance to our customers too, so feel free to ask us any questions you may have about vaping abroad. 

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