The Best Vape E-Liquid Flavours For People Who Are New To Vaping

When you use a vape pen, there are so many different e-liquids to choose from. Not only are there multiple different vape juice brands, but each brand has an abundance of flavours to choose from too, so there really is something for everyone. However, it can sometimes take a while to find an e-liquid that you enjoy using on a regular basis. 

Whilst the flavours you like will be influenced by your own personal taste palate, there tend to be a few flavours that are more popular than others amongst people who are new to vaping. If you’re planning to swap your tobacco cigarettes for a vape device and you’re wondering which vape liquid to start with, keep reading today. Below we have put together a list of the best vape e-liquid flavours for people who are new to vaping. 

Tobacco flavour e-liquid

If you actually enjoy the flavour of tobacco and this is what you’re used to, you will probably be best starting with a tobacco flavour e-liquid. Doing so can help to make the vaping experience as much like smoking a cigarette as possible and you may find it easier to transition between smoking and vaping. 

There is a brilliant range of tobacco flavours available, from Dinner Lady Smooth Tobacco and LIQUA Traditional Tobacco to Halo Turkish Tobacco, and you won’t struggle to find a flavour with the distinctive taste of tobacco that is perfect for you. 

Menthol flavour e-liquid 

When you’re used to smoking menthol cigarettes or using menthol filters, opting for a menthol flavour e-liquid is a safe choice too. Again, it will help to make swapping from smoking to vaping as easy as possible and it will also help to prevent the e-liquid flavour from being too overpowering. 

There is such a vast selection of menthol flavours to choose from, including; Ultimate Puff Original Menthol, Halo Menthol Ice, Nasty Juice Menthol and Witchcraft Menthol X, all of which will provide a strong yet refreshing throat hit. 

You may want to try some different mint flavour e-liquids if you enjoy more of a menthol taste as well. These are a great choice for anyone who frequently chews gum or eats mints too. Something like Puffin Rascal Ice Mint or Liqua Two Mints could be a good place to start when you want an intense mint kick.

Fruit flavour e-liquid 

Sometimes, when they start vaping, people want a complete change, and a fruity flavour e-liquid can give you that. Generally speaking, fruity flavours are some of the most popular on the market and they tend to be a go-to option for vape users. Usually, you can rely on a mixed-berry flavour to taste good and also smell nice too. 

There is an abundance of different fruit flavour e-liquids available and personal preference will play a big role in choosing one to try first. For example, if you don’t like banana or raspberries, you’re probably best to try an apple or lemon flavour instead. 

Finding the best vape e-liquid for you 

When you first start using a vape device, all of these flavours are worthwhile exploring and it is likely that you will enjoy at least one of them. Of course, there are plenty of others to try as well and if you get bored of vaping the same flavour all the time, there’s nothing to stop you from getting more creative and trying something completely different. 

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