Pod Mods vs. Vape Mods: How Do They Compare?

Pod Mods vs. Vape Mods: How Do They Compare?

Buying a vape kit isn’t as simple as it used to be. In the past, buying a vaping device always started with selecting the form factor that was appropriate for your needs. If you were a beginning vaper, you’d choose a simple device like a disposable vape or a pod system. If you were a more experienced vaper, you might buy a vape mod instead. These days, though, the decision isn’t quite so simple because manufacturers have created a new crop of devices that seamlessly blend the features of different types of vapes to create something completely new.

The pod mod is a perfect example of that trend. Pod mods store their e-liquid in plastic pods rather than traditional glass vape tanks, which means that they offer the same easy refilling and sleek design characteristics as pod systems. At the same time, they also offer the advanced features of traditional vape mods, making them completely appropriate for cloud chasers. Apart from the fact that they use plastic pods, pod mods have almost nothing in common with traditional pod systems like the Vype e-cigarette.

A pod mod promises extreme cloud chasing performance in a sleek, pocketable package – which is exactly what many vapers want. So, should a pod mod be your next vaping device, or would you be happier if you stuck with a traditional vape mod? In this comparison of pod mods vs. vape mods, we’re going to provide some advice that can make your buying decision easier.

Pod Mods Are Often Proprietary Devices

One of the major selling points of traditional vape mods is that they work with almost all third-party tanks. A vape mod almost always uses the industry-standard 510 threading, which is the same threading that virtually all tanks use. If you have a vape mod and want to experiment with a tank made by another manufacturer, it’s not a problem. All that you need to do is connect the tank to your mod and set your device to the appropriate wattage for the tank’s coil.

With a pod-based device, though, it’s a different story because a vape pod is designed to work with one specific device and isn’t interchangeable with other devices. That’s part of why pod mods look so great – because the pod is an integral part of the device’s design. For the manufacturer of a pod mod, it also helps to increase profitability if owners of a device can only buy replacement pods and coils made by that manufacturer for that device.

There is good news, however: Some manufacturers have further blurred the lines between vape mods and pod mods by releasing pod mods with 510 thread adapters. A 510 adapter can allow a pod mod to work with third-party tanks, just like a vape mod.

Vape Mods May Offer Superior Flavour Characteristics

Some people vape primarily for the clouds and the nicotine. Others, though, don’t care about those factors as much as they care about flavour quality. If you fall into the latter category, you may not be crazy about pod mods because they invariably store their e-liquid in plastic rather than glass. Although glass is chemically inert, there is a chance that molecular interactions can take place if you store your e-liquid in plastic.

Despite what we’ve just said, we also need to mention that you’re probably storing your e-liquid in plastic already because almost all vape juices ship in plastic bottles. However, it’s probably also the case that you store your e-liquid bottles at room temperature. A vape tank or pod, on the other hand, gets hot every time you use it. Heat accelerates chemical interactions, and some people are convinced that they can taste the difference between a glass tank and a plastic vape pod. If that’s the case for you, you may be happier with a traditional vape mod.

Pod Mods May Feature the Latest Vaping Technologies

If you asked any vaping expert for buying advice in the past, he or she would have told you that you’d always enjoy the latest features and technologies that the vaping industry had to offer if you bought a vape mod. Mods were always the flagship devices, and they always had the latest and best features. Today, though, that isn’t always the case because pod-based devices have become so popular within the vaping community.

When you look at any manufacturer’s product selection today, it’ll probably be a pod mod rather than a vape mod that receives top billing. That’s very compelling evidence of a change that’s swept over the industry recently – the manufacturers are putting most of their R&D resources into the development of new pod-based devices. As a result, it has become increasingly common for pod mods to feature technologies that vape mods lack.

Some pod mods are using frequency-based AC power delivery rather than wattage-based power. Others can prime your coil’s wick automatically between puffs. Almost all of today’s pod mods feature automatic coil detection and can configure themselves without your input. These features help to make pod mods some of the most reliable and user-friendly vaping devices on the market.

Vape Mods Often Have Superior Battery Life

As many benefits as today’s pod mods may have, battery life is one area in which they probably aren’t going to be beaten by vape mods any time soon. That’s because, for all of their great new features and technologies, pod mods are still usually designed for maximum portability. The point of buying a pod mod is that it gives you a personal fog machine that still fits in your pocket and can travel anywhere with you.

Conversely, if you buy a vape mod, you know you’re getting a device that’s going to feel heavy in your pocket. That’s always been part of the experience with vape mods. Vape mods are still the only vaping devices that support dual-battery configurations, and a vape mod is still the type of vaping device you want if you’re looking for the best possible battery life.

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