Should You Switch from a Disposable Vape to a Refillable Vape?

Disposable vapes have helped to make vaping accessible for millions of people who may otherwise have been unable to quit smoking, and they accomplished that by providing a combination of features that didn’t previously exist in any type of vaping device. Disposable vapes are simple and satisfying in ways that earlier vaping devices weren’t. They come out of the pack ready to use – just like tobacco cigarettes. A disposable vape also packs a potent nicotine punch, which is also important for those who are trying to quit.

Once you’ve successfully used disposable vapes to help yourself quit smoking, though, you might begin to wonder what’s next. You probably know many people who vape, and you’ve surely noticed that most of those people use refillable vape kits. Should you be using a refillable vape as well – and are you missing out on something if you don’t?

In this article, we’re going to shed some light on the comparison between disposable vs. refillable vapes. We’ll explain the features that might make you want to switch to a refillable device, and we’ll also explain how your vaping experience will change if you make the switch. First, though, what are some of the devices that you should consider if you’re currently using disposable vapes and are thinking about buying your first refillable device?

Getting Started: What Are the Best Refillable Vapes for Beginners?

It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed when you shop for your first refillable vaping device. There are dozens of different refillable vapes on the market at any given time, and it’s difficult to identify the features and characteristics that are important to you if you’ve never used a refillable device before. Disposable vapes, in comparison, are much easier to buy because you only have to worry about the flavour and the nicotine strength. We’d like to begin this article by suggesting a few devices that we think you’ll find very satisfying and sufficiently easy to use, even if you’ve never owned a refillable vape before.

Uwell Caliburn G2

Buy It Now (€33.99)

The product designers at Uwell made their first splashes in the vaping community by designing some incredibly popular vape tanks that became renowned for their incredible flavour quality. When Uwell moved into the world of vape kits, they did everything possible to ensure that their devices would produce those same rich, crisp flavours.

The Uwell Caliburn G2 may be tops for flavour quality, but it’s also loaded with features to make your vaping experience as pleasant and flexible as it can be. The Caliburn G2 has a haptic vibration function to let you know what’s going on with the device. The bottom of the pod has an airflow control wheel to let you dial in your perfect puff. When you see all of the Caliburn G2’s thoughtful design touches, you’ll understand why it’s easily the most popular refillable mini vape on the market.

Vaporesso Xros 2

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As many great features as the Uwell Caliburn G2 has, it is a little more complex than some other refillable vapes in that you need to replace the device’s coil periodically. Although we think that most people will get used to the coil replacement procedure fairly quickly, you may decide that you’d rather use something a little simpler. With the Vaporesso Xros 2, each pod has a permanent built-in coil. When you’re no longer happy with the device’s flavour, there’s no need to worry about replacing the coil; you’ll simply replace the entire pod.

Voopoo Vinci

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If you’ve ever broken a device because you dropped it on a hard surface or in a puddle of water, you know how fragile vapes can sometimes be. The Voopoo Vinci is a beginner-friendly pod system that solves that problem with an extra level of dust, water and shock resistance. The Vinci also happens to be extremely beautiful and quite resistant to fingerprints. You’ll love the adjustable airflow tab that makes it easy to achieve your ideal air pressure with each puff.

Why Might a Refillable Vape Be Right for You?

Is a refillable vape right for you? These are the most common reasons why people switch from disposable vapes to refillable devices.

  • Refillable vapes offer better performance. If you’re already using a disposable vape with the maximum nicotine strength of 20 mg/ml and don’t quite feel satisfied, you’ll probably be happier with a refillable device because you’ll get bigger vapour clouds.
  • Refillable vapes offer a larger flavour selection. There are hundreds of vape juices on the market today, but only a few of those flavours are available in disposable vapes.
  • Refillable vapes are more affordable. Instead of buying an entirely new device every time you run out of e-liquid, you can just buy more e-liquid.
  • Refillable vapes are better for the environment. If you’re not recycling your disposable vapes, they’re ending up in landfills – and lithium-ion batteries are hazardous to the environment.

How Will Using a Refillable Device Change Your Vaping Experience?

One of the biggest selling points of disposable vapes is that they’re incredibly easy to use. All that you need to do is puff on the device until it runs out of e-liquid, and then you’re done with it. When you buy a refillable device, on the other hand, you’ll need to get used to doing some basic maintenance.

  • You’ll need to refill the pod or tank when it’s empty.
  • You’ll need to charge the battery when it dies.
  • You’ll need to replace the pod or coil when you’re no longer happy with the flavour.

For many vapers, maintaining a refillable vape is a small price to pay in exchange for the device’s many benefits. Only you can decide, though, whether that’s true for you.

Final Thoughts on Disposable vs. Refillable Vapes

We hope that you’ve found this introduction to refillable vapes useful and that we’ve helped you decide whether switching from disposable vapes to a refillable device is the right decision for you. If you’ve decided that the time is right for you to upgrade your vaping experience, we think you’ll be extremely happy with any of the devices that we suggested at the beginning of this article. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, though, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also visit our Dublin vape shop if you live nearby. Our friendly vaping experts can’t wait to answer your questions.

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