Deciding Between The Most Popular E-liquids

Often, when people are considering swapping their cigarettes for a vape, one of the things that holds them back is the worry that they won’t like any vape e-liquids. Whilst this is an understandable concern, especially if you have been smoking the same brand for many years now, thankfully, these days, there are so many incredible e-liquids on the market that you can guarantee you will like something. 

It is fair to say that e-liquids are a personal choice and one person’s favourite might not be right for someone else, so you may need to try a few to find the best vape e-liquids for you. To help anyone contemplating investing in a vape or anyone looking for some e-liquid inspiration, our team here at The Vape Life have put together a list of the most popular e-liquids. Hopefully, this will help you to find the best vape e-liquids for your personal taste. 

Tobacco flavour e-liquids 

When swapping cigarettes for a vape, this may be a good place to start. You will be surprised how well some of the best vape e-liquids can mimic the flavour of tobacco. Many big brands make tobacco flavour e-liquids, so there will likely be something similar to your cigarettes. Why not try Aramax's Virginia Tobacco e-liquid or Liqua's Bright Tobacco e-liquid

Menthol e-liquids 

If you have previously smoked menthol cigarettes then this is another great option. Menthol e-liquids are incredibly popular among the vape community and many enjoy their fresh taste. Almost every e-liquid brand will have at least one menthol flavour in their range these days, so it is easy to find lots of different menthol e-liquids to try. 

Fruity e-liquids 

This taste will be quite different from a cigarette but many would say fruity flavours are some of the best e-liquids and they are worthwhile looking into. You can get both singular fruit flavours and also mixed fruit flavour too, so there are lots to try. From Nasty Juice’ berry series to Liqua's e-liquid berry mix and Aramax's strawberry kiwi e-liquid, you can choose from your favourite fruits. 

Dessert flavoured e-liquids

For anyone who has a sweet tooth, dessert flavoured e-liquids are a brilliant choice. Nowadays, you can get pretty much any classic dessert in a vape e-liquid and they taste exactly as you’d expect too. The best vape e-liquids mimicking desserts manage to get the proportions of the flavours absolutely perfect. Dinner Lady is a brilliant brand to try for dessert flavoured e-liquids and their lemon tart is one of the most popular. 

Drink e-liquids

You can also get some of your favourite drinks in e-liquid form too, from cocktails like Puffin Rascal’s mojito to coffees like Liqua’s e-liquid deliciously drinkable, the range really is incredibly vast. These can be a brilliant place to start if you’re unsure about being too adventurous with your e-liquids and you can guarantee that you will like to vape the taste of your favourite drinks.

Sweet flavoured e-liquids

This is another great choice if you have a sweet tooth and if you’re looking for a nostalgic taste, sweet flavoured e-liquids may be the perfect choice for you. Again, the best vape e-liquids can taste exactly like the sweets you used to eat which can make them a safe option. Why not try Absolution Juice’ fizzy blue bottles, Dinner Lady’s bubble gum or Puffin Rascal’s black jack?

Buying the best vape e-liquids 

Ultimately, whatever your personal preferences may be in relation to e-liquid flavours, there will be many different options available for you. Thankfully, the e-liquid range on the market these days is so vast that you will never be limited for choice. There are also lots of different e-liquid brands too, so why not try a few different flavours and brands to ensure you’re not missing out on something that could potentially become your favourite vape e-liquid. 

If you’re wondering where you can buy e-liquids in store, visit The Vape Life website today. You can quickly and conveniently shop online with us, but we also have a store at; Sidewalk 2 Georges Street Arcade, South Great Georges's Street, Dublin 2, D02 DH79. So, if you’d prefer to pop in and see us, then please don’t hesitate to. Our experienced team will happily discuss the best vape e-liquids with you in more detail and ensure you’re not missing out on any must-try flavours. 

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