The Best Vape E-liquid Flavours For Summer

It isn’t uncommon for smokers to actually dislike the taste of tobacco cigarettes and to simply put up with it to get their nicotine fix. Of course, smoking can affect your taste buds too and one of the best things about swapping to an electronic vape device is that your sense of smell and taste will begin to return. Thankfully, vaping doesn’t taste bad and there are so many different e-liquids to choose from that there is something to suit all palates. 

As you’re probably aware, the change in the seasons and the temperature often causes a change in people’s appetites and many start to crave different foods during the summer months. Similarly, people will fill their vape tanks with different vape juice flavours at this time of year too and it isn’t uncommon for people to swap rich flavours for something lighter. If you’re wondering what the best vape e-liquid flavours are for summer, below are some popular choices amongst vapers. 

Summer fruits flavours

The clue is in the name with this flavour and summer fruit flavours or summer berry flavours really are perfect for the warmer seasons. There are so many different individual fruit and berry flavours to choose from, but these mixed flavours tend to be a very popular choice. When buying summer fruit flavours try; IVG Summer Blaze or Just Juice Fusion Berry.

Tropical flavours 

Another option that is brilliant for summer is tropical flavours and nothing says summer like tropical fruits. These e-liquids will remind you of summer holidays and cocktails on the beach. If you’re wanting to give some tropical flavours a try, buy a bottle of Puffin Rascal Tropical, Witchcraft Tropicool or LIQUA Tropical Bomb, they’re all delicious. 

Cocktail flavours 

Talking of cocktails on the beach, you can even purchase cocktail flavour e-liquid and brands make popular cocktails into bottles of vape juice. Mojito and Pina Coladas are frequently chosen cocktails for e-liquids and they’re often enjoyed by people in the summer too. Dinner Lady Sunset Mojito, Puffin Rascal Mojito or IVG Pina Colada are must-trys if you enjoy a cocktail or two.

Lemonade flavours

An ice-cold glass of lemonade is a lovely refreshing drink for the warmer months and there are so many bottles of vape juice based on lemonade. As well as classic flavours like Yeti Lemonade and Just Juice Lemonade, you can also purchase pink lemonade, blackcurrant lemonade and raspberry lemonade flavours too, so there’s plenty of great options to try. 

Sorbet flavours 

During the warmer months, lots of people enjoy eating ice cream and it is fair to say that this is a staple food for this time of year. Whilst you can purchase ice cream flavour e-liquids, they can sometimes be quite sickly, so sorbet flavours are usually more popular amongst vapers. Vampire Vape Raspberry Sorbet and Pachamama Sorbet are both perfect for summer. 

‘Ice’ flavours 

In case you’ve not heard of this type of vape juice before, essential ice flavours are different flavours, usually fruity, that have a fresh cooling effect. When vaping them, you can enjoy their flavour as you inhale and this will be followed by chilled ice as you exhale, making them a brilliant choice for summer. There is an abundance of great ice flavours to choose from too. 

Sherbet flavours

This flavour will take you back to your childhood and sherbert flavour e-liquids are just as good as the sherbet sweets you probably enjoyed when you were younger. These sweet and sour flavours provide the fizz of sherbert in a bottle and they are everything you’d expect from their name. Give Dinner Lady Lemon Sherbet or Ultimate Salts Cherry Sherbet a try this summer. 

Purchasing the best vape e-liquid for your device 

If you’re wanting to try some new e-liquid flavours this summer, you can purchase any of the above knowing that they’re perfect for this time of year. It is easy to see why so many people choose to vape these light and fruity flavours during the warmer months, and it is definitely worthwhile looking to see what different vape juice brands can offer. You never know, one of these summer flavours may end up being your new favourite. 

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