Vaping Myths That You Should Pay No Attention to

Since the middle of the twentieth century, there has been a concerted effort by doctors and health professionals to try and spread awareness about the harmful consequences attributed to smoking.

This has certainly contributed to the reason that vaping has started to become the main alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Despite the significant amount of research conducted, there are still myths and rumours that are spread which serve to harm vaping’s reputation. Thankfully, The Vape Life is on-hand to clear-up the situation. Hopefully, before-long you will start to see the value in making the switch.

The Contents are Unknown This is a point which is more in relation to E-liquid, as opposed to vaporisers. Some people that use these products will tell you that they are ignorant to the contents of these products. Should you be unsure, please consult with the retailer or manufacturer that you purchased it from. They will gladly walk you through the inner components, and explain how they work in your favour.

All E-liquid come with either leaflet or a peel off sticker that will also detail all the ingredients used in that bottle. All e-liquid that you find on the market are regulated by authoritative bodies (in Ireland It’s HSE), and the regulations that are in-place maintain a certain standard across the board. The Nicotine Levels are Extreme As far as misconceptions go, this is one that certainly paints vaping in a poor light. Nicotine, as we are sure you already know, is a highly addictive substance, meaning that you have to moderate your intake.

In reality, you as a user are able to determine how much nicotine is found in your e-liquid. Most of the brands found on our website will give you a chance to choose the nicotine level that is right for you. They aren’t Healthy Before vaping devices were released to the general public, there was a substantial amount of probing into the impact that it would have on your lungs. Smoking is well-known to cause numerous problems long-term, with cancer development being amongst the most dangerous and troublesome. To avoid these, your best-bet would be to rid yourself of tobacco, and elect to introduce e-liquids into your life. Further down the line, you will be glad that you ordered a starter kit when you did from a first-class vape shop.

Popcorn Lung is a Major Concern Although this is the last point to make it onto this list, it is not one that you should allow to fly under the radar. If the main argument that was causing you to turn your back on vaping was that you were slightly unnerved about the possibility of developing ‘popcorn lung’, we are pleased to be the bearers of good news. Diacetyl, which was the ingredient linked to this condition, has been illegal for more than five years, a fact that will certainly make you feel at ease.

A Word About The Vape Life Before this, you might have had some preconceived notions about vaping. However, after you have perused through the list above, you should hopefully begin to see the benefits associated with switching to a high-quality alternative to tobacco. Vaping devices have seen a huge rise in popularity recently, and if you want to join this craze, you have come to the right place. When it comes to top-tier vaping products, few retailers come close to The Vape Life. Our products are intended to leave you with a sense of satisfaction. Should you vape in Ireland, or think that you would like to start, a quick call to us on 01 437 0320 can give you the chance to take your first steps.

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