Vaping Terms that You Should Familairise Yourself With

If you are planning on acquiring a vape starter kit soon, you should try and acquaint yourself with some of the jargon that will be bandied about. Whilst you may think that there is not much that you need to learn about if you have previously smoked, this could not be further from the truth. These technical devices have many aspects to them that will be brand-new to you. Here at The Vape Life, we have sought to become one of Ireland's most notable names within the vaping industry. It is this desire which means that we are more-than happy to guide you on some terms that could be of use to you. E-Liquid When you first walk into a vaping-based retailer, one of the first questions that they will pose to you is in relation to the flavour of e-liquid that you would like to purchase. In order to ensure that you aren’t taken off-guard, allow us to explain what this is. Also referred to as vape liquid, this is the solution that you will pour into your vape tank. You have complete control over the nicotine concentration that the e-liquid features, with those of you looking for a rather big throat hit will typically opt in for a higher nicotine strength. Cloud Chasing If you were to go shopping with your friends, only for one of them to turn round to you and tell you that they were ‘cloud chasing’, there is a strong likelihood that this leaves you with a sense of confusion. In essence, this means that they are on the hunt for a particular type of vaporiser. More-specifically, it is one that is capable of producing large clouds after each-and-every puff. Not only this will provide a fantastic direct-to-lung hit; it will also leave you with a sense of satisfaction about the visual spectacle.

Atomiser When ranking the components featured within modern vaping devices, it is safe to say that the atomiser is deserving of a spot relatively close to the top of the list. Without this, you would not be able to inhale and exhale vapour. Depending on who you speak to, this part may be called a ‘coil’. Regardless of the name that you know it by, you should appreciate that in top-of-the-rage vape pens, this is something that you cannot do without.

Closed Pod System Closed Pod System kits aren’t able to be refilled, which is in direct contrast to the tanks that you typically find in shops. With these, you purchase containers that are already full-to-bursting with the liquid of your choice. It is impossible to say which is better or worse - it is down to your own preferences. How Can We Be of Assistance? Although you might now be well-educated on the various terms that are thrown-about in relation to vaping, it is possible that you are still on the lookout for a vape store that can satisfy your needs.

If you would like to enlist the help of a vape shop that values customer service, whilst also offering a variety of different products, look no further - The Vape Life is here to help. As our name suggests, we are a company that is committed to stocking and selling the finest vape products in Ireland. Should you want to enjoy a vaping experience like no-other, now is the time to write to us at Whether you’re hunting for the perfect piece of vape hardware, or want to experiment with different vape juices, we’re the shop for you.

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