Dinner Lady - Premium E-Liquids

Call them old school or Vintage —Dinner Lady e-Liquids are some of the best quality flavours we’ve ever vaped on at The Vape Life! Dinner Lady has been awarded for the best stand at the 2016 vaper expo in Birmingham and for best dessert flavours in 3 categories at the E-cigclick. We love vaping on Dinner Lady special The Back Orange Crush on a rainy day in the office for a nice relaxing time. Every 30ml bottle is an experience to behold. They have certainly made an impact on the eLiquid market with their interesting flavour blends.

Consistency for all Dinner Lady e-liquids is 70%VG / 30%PG. To provide you with best flavour and of course big clouds when you need them! 

Lemon Tart flavour took the market by storm with blends of Lemon pudding, featuring a tangy Lemon curd basis, with Meringue and Past. So order them today to see why they are so popular :D