Things You Should Know When Vaping For The First Time

Smoking an e-cigarette or a vape pen is becoming increasingly popular and many are swapping their tobacco cigarettes for a modern device that can still provide them with a similar satisfaction as a cigarette. Of course, there are numerous benefits to swapping to an e-cigarette or a vape and if you’re unaware of these, then they are well worth looking into them further. These days, there is a perfect vape device for everyone.

If you’re interested in vaping and you’d like to find out more before you purchase your first e-cigarette or vape, keep reading today. Whilst vaping is fairly straightforward and you may already know some of the basics, it goes without saying it is always beneficial to do your research and be prepared. So, our team here at The Vape Life have put together a list of things everyone should know when vaping for the first time.

There are different type of vapes

Many people are surprised just how many different types of vape devices there are to choose from and it can be difficult to know which one you should start with. Whilst many will automatically turn to an electronic cigarette, e-cig, it is worthwhile ensuring you have considered the other options too. You can find out more about the different types of vapes here.  

You have a huge choice of e-liquids 

It isn’t uncommon for people swapping to an e-cigarette or vape to be overwhelmed by the vast selection of e-liquids they have to choose from. You will understandably want to ensure you choose a flavour you like as they all taste so different. You may want to find out more about the different flavour options you have before investing in an e-liquid for the first time. 

The laws/rules are slightly different

As you’re probably already aware, the laws and rules surrounding vaping are slightly different from those regarding tobacco cigarettes and it is important to ensure that you’re up to date with these. Lots of different places, such as bars and restaurants, have their own rules in relation to vaping too. Of course, when travelling you should ensure you know the do’s and don’ts as well.  

You can choose your nicotine strength 

When you swap to an e-cigarette or vape, you can choose how much nicotine you will be getting and you can slowly cut back if you’d like to. Simply put, nicotine strength refers to the amount of nicotine per millilitre of juice and you’re in complete control of this strength. To find out more about nicotine in e-liquids, we have a more detailed blog about this

All vape devices need maintenance

Of course, when you smoke tobacco cigarettes, you simply throw away the butt when you’re finished but when using a vape device, you will reuse it time and time again. As expected, your device will require some care and maintenance to ensure it continues to work as it should. So, make sure you read the instructions of your device before you start vaping. 

You will need to get used to the change 

An e-cigarette or a vape will be quite different from a tobacco cigarette to start with and you will find that you need to get used to the change. Some people find they cough or have a dry mouth to start with, that the over vape or that their nicotine levels aren’t quite right, but in time all of these initial issues can be tweaked and ironed out. You will soon get used to this change.

Vaping for the first time

Hopefully, now you will know all of the basics relating to vaping and you can purchase your very first e-cigarette or vape pen without any concerns. Of course, if you’re ever unsure which vape device to invest in or which e-liquid to purchase first, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here at The Vape Life today. You can pop into our vape shop in Dublin and we will happily help you to ensure you’re purchasing the best products to start your vape journey.

Here at The Vape Life, we also have a full online shop that may be beneficial to you throughout your time as a vaper. Not only do we have a range of starter kits to help you from the beginning, but we also have more advanced kits available too for when you’re looking to update your device. Not to mention the huge range of e-liquid, nicotine shots, coils/filters and accessories we have too, so you can get everything you need conveniently delivered to your house. 

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